Holistic, yes.  Realistic, YES.  So excited to share this.  Melissa has been helping me make new healthier habits and breaking the 30+ year old habits that are so ingrained in my decision making.  She helped me through my 3rd pregnancy and continues to guide me through being a working mother of 3 trying to balance both of my very demanding and rewarding worlds, by providing me with knowledge, facts and resources to keep my body and my family's bodies healthy.  What trip we have been on, and I trust her so much that I plan on having her tag along to help me navigate the rest of my journey.  
GC Wayne, PA
I can confidently say that Melissa has turned things around for me and my family through her health and wellness services.  She is knowledgeable, helpful and realistic.

CM Virginia Beach, VA
I am honored that I was able to work with Melissa!!  She guided me through my last pregnancy and not only did I have increased energy, I got rid of my 2:00pm crashes and passed my glucose screen with flying colors (which I previously failed with my second pregnancy) and feel better postpartum than I have ever felt!  Thank you for your realistic approach to food and life!

AD Media, PA
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